As an artist I strive to tell stories through images and ambiance.  Find the balance between the beautiful and dark is what allures me the most. I recently had a transcendent moment while on 4-D amusement park ride, I found myself fully immersed in a virtual world that made my mind explode with possibilities. I found my calling in life.   

    I am aware of the catch 22 that you need experience to get a job in the industry, but by making my own games from scratch I have created my own opportunity and learning experiences. I am now a jack of all trades and have a taste for all parts of game development. In the meantime I have three VR projects working on including a multiplayer hide and seek game.  If you would like to hire me for any projects that are VR focused on you have an office in the greater Los Angeles are please contact me. I work great with others and can quickly turn a idea into a functioning level.

 Jordan Hill


Questions regarding Garage Drummer VR

My Skills

  • Strong traditional art skills including, concept art and story boarding
  • 10 years of Photoshop and 3d modeling with Maya and 3d studio max.
  • 5 years experience with Unreal Engine including UE4
  • Suited well as a Environment artist or technical artist.
  • Strong grasp of UE4 Blueprints
  • Ability to compose original music
  • Experience capturing and implementing Photogrammetry
  • Can easily communicate ideas and work with others
  • Can quickly adapt and learn new software.